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High-Temperature Thermal Grease

Epoxyset HTG high-temperature thermal greases are non-silicone thermal management products designed to withstand a temperature of over 250°C. Some of our high-temperature thermal greases are rated for up to 360°C. Compared to other types of thermal greases, Epoxyset high-temperature thermal grease products do not dry out and maintain thermal dissipation qualities over an extended period. This series of thermal compounds have shown outstanding heat transfer and high-temperature stability for all types of electronic and industrial applications. Common applications include aerospace applications, heater cartridges, thermistors, RTD, thermocouple wells, portable heaters and tank heaters.

Item # Color Specific Gravity Service Temperature Thermal Conductivtity Volume Resistivity Data Sheet
White 2.4 -50°C to 250°C 0.9 5.8 x 10^15 download
Gray 2.1 -50°C to 250°C 2.2 1.2 x 10^12 download
White 2.3 -50°C to 250°C 1.2 1.8 x 10^12 download
Gray 3.0 -50°C to 360°C 3.2 1.1 x 10^14 download
White 3.0 -50°C to 360°C 0.8 1.2 x 10^14 download
White 2.9 -50°C to 300°C 1.0 1.1 x 10^14 download