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Epoxyset offers a wide variety of thermal greases used in thermal management applications. We offer both silicone (STG series) and non-silicone (TG series) greases as well as a special line of High-Temperature Thermal Greases (HTG series) with select products able to withstand temperatures up to 360C. These compounds offer excellent wetting properties, easy to spread and the low viscosity formulation makes them easy to apply to thin bond line thickness for minimum thermal resistance. Common applications include CPU to heat sinks, gap fillers, and heat exchangers.


Silicone Thermal Grease

"Epoxyset STG series are silicone based thermal greases engineered with special binding agents to reduce bleed and oil separation. Why choose Epoxyset silicone greases? Our silicone greases have a flowable matrix filling micro gaps and reduces contact resistance. Epoxyset silicone greases are also easy to apply via cartridge, syringe, or by hand and are easily re-workable. Our greases have cost advantages over other products such as pads that performs and withstands heat better than organic greases."


Non-Silicone Thermal Grease

Epoxyset TG series are unique synthetic thermal greases engineered to provide low bleed and oil migration to prevent component contamination associated with silicone greases. They offer superior thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance with long-term stability.Typical applications include CPU to Heat sink, Transistors, Diodes, IGBTs, Rectifiers, TEC modules, Telecommunication hardware, Thermistors, RTD and Thermocouple wells.

High Temperature

High-Temperature Thermal Grease

Epoxyset HTG high-temperature thermal greases are non-silicone thermal management products designed to withstand a temperature of over 250°C. Some of our high-temperature thermal greases are rated for up to 360°C. Compared to other types of thermal greases, Epoxyset high-temperature thermal grease products do not dry out and maintain thermal dissipation qualities over an extended period. This series of thermal compounds have shown outstanding heat transfer and high-temperature stability for all types of electronic and industrial applications. Common applications include aerospace applications, heater cartridges, thermistors, RTD, thermocouple wells, portable heaters and tank heaters.


Conductive Grease

Epoxyset’s CTG conductive greases are thermally and electrically conductive greases for ultra-high heat dissipation and low dry out at elevated temperatures. TCP putties are soft and highly conformable paste- type gap filler. Its consistency assures efficient heat transfer between delicate parts where minimum pressure can be tolerated. This Form-in-place gap filler is ideal for applying any thickness with little or no stress.

Item # Color Specific Gravity Service Temperature Thermal Conductivtity Volume Resistivity Data Sheet
White 2.4 -50°C to 200°C 1.2 1.8 x 10^15 download
Gray 2.2 -50°C to 200°C 3.2 1.0 x 10^12 download
Black 1.7 -50°C to 200°C 3.7 1.0 x 10^12 download
Gray 2.3 -50°C to 200°C 2.7 1.8 x 10^14 download
White 2.4 -50°C to 200°C 2.0 1.0 x 10^14 download
White 2.4 -50°C to 200°C 0.8 1.0 x 10^14 download
White 2.4 -50°C to 250°C 0.9 5.8 x 10^15 download
Gray 2.1 -50°C to 250°C 2.2 1.2 x 10^12 download
White 2.3 -50°C to 250°C 1.2 1.8 x 10^12 download
Gray 3.0 -50°C to 360°C 3.2 1.1 x 10^14 download
White 3.0 -50°C to 360°C 0.8 1.2 x 10^14 download
White 2.9 -50°C to 300°C 1.0 1.1 x 10^14 download
Silver 4.8 -50°C to 200°C 7 <0.01 download
Black 1.3 -50°C to 200°C 2.2 <25 download
Black 1.35 -50°C to 200°C 2.3 <25 download
Gray 2 -50°C to 150°C 0.5 download
White 2.7 -50°C to 200°C 2.1 1.0 x 1012 download
Gray 2.2 50°C to 200°C 3.2 1.0 x 1012 download
White 2.2 -50°C to 200°C 0.8 2.6 x 10^14 download
White 2.5 -50°C to 200°C 2.0 2.2 x 10^14 download
Black 1.7 -50°C to 200°C 3.7 5.8 x 10^14 download
Gray 2.2 -50°C to 200°C 3.7 2.6 x 10^14 download