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Epoxyset non-silicone thermal greases (TG-) are a series of metal-oxide-filled, silicone-free synthetic grease specially formulated to enhance heat transfer across the interface between the semiconductor case and the heatsink.Epoxyset TG series of non-silicone greases do not exhibit migration or contamination. With almost no-bleed, TG thermal greases are high-performance compounds that will not dry out, harden, melt, or run, even after long-term continuous exposure to temperatures up to 250°C.

Item # Color Specific Gravity Service Temperature Thermal Conductivtity Volume Resistivity Data Sheet
White 2.4 -50°C to 200°C 0.8 1.0 x 10^14 download
White 2.4 -50°C to 200°C 2.0 1.0 x 10^14 download
Gray 2.3 -50°C to 200°C 2.7 1.8 x 10^14 download
Black 1.7 -50°C to 200°C 3.7 1.0 x 10^12 download
Gray 2.2 -50°C to 200°C 3.2 1.0 x 10^12 download
White 2.4 -50°C to 200°C 1.2 1.8 x 10^15 download