Epoxyset offers several packaging options allowing customers to choose the best options for their use. As a made to order manufacturer, packaging options are not limited to what is in stock. Below are the different packaging options available.

Standard Bulk Packaging

Most Epoxyset products’ standard packaging is bulk containers for both one and two-component systems. Ranging in size, this allows the customer flexibility in usage amount and is generally preferred with high volume use and meter mix dispensing.

  • Pints, Quarts, & Gallons
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon tote

Premixed & Frozen

Many Epoxyset products are available in premixed and frozen syringes. Epoxyset premixed and frozen materials need no weighing or mixing and little to no cleanup. Epoxyset material is thoroughly mixed and vacuumed for no air entrapment. Each batch is tested for quality control to ensure consistency from syringe to syringe. Additional benefits include reduced clean up, no weighing or mixing, and reduced chemical exposure. Sizes available are 1cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, and 55cc syringes and can be dispensed manually or pneumatically.

Dual Cartridges

Many of our two component adhesives and potting compounds are packaged in the convenient dual cartridge dispensing system. These systems are convenient to use and packaged in sizes of 50cc, 200cc, and 400cc dual cartridges.


  • Eliminates improper ratios and mixing errors
  • Reduces material waste
  • Easy disposal after use
  • Eliminates messy hand mixing and transferring
  • Available in various sizes
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One component. Jpg 2

Single Barrel Cartridge & Syringes

One component, room temperature stable, epoxy adhesives and encapsulating compounds have the option of packaging into several options in addition to standard sizes. Most of these systems are available in easy to use, single barrel cartridges and syringes. Syringes range in size of 3cc to 30cc syringes depending on the product. Larger cartridges are available in 300cc sizes.