Thermal managemet coverOur comprehensive line of thermal management materials delivers high-performance solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the electronic assembly and technology industries. A wide range of specially formulated thermal management material includes thermal greases, conductive greases, thermally conductive adhesives and potting compounds, as well as specially formulated thermal gap fillers.

Thermally conductivre potting 1

Thermally Conductive Potting Compounds

Epoxyset specializes in manufacturing highly engineered thermally conductive potting compounds. Our products range from room temperature cure to high temperature and vary in viscosities to suit your application. Formulated with various different conductive fillers, our products are designed to offer maximum thermal conductivity while still being process friendly. Used highly in the electronics, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries, Epoxyset’s thermally conductive potting compounds will deliver a consistently high performance.

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Thermally Conductive Adhesives

Epoxyset offers a full range of thermally conductive epoxy adhesives for the semiconductor, optoelectronic, automotive, aerospace, medical and electronic assembly industries. Our wide range product line allows engineers to select the material with the best combination of physical, electrical and thermal characteristics. Our products provide excellent electrical stability, low out-gassing, variable work life, and a fast cure time.

Silicone thermal grease

Silicone Thermal Grease

Epoxyset STG series are silicone based thermal greases engineered with special binding agents to reduce bleed and oil separation. Why choose Epoxyset silicone greases? Our silicone greases have a flowable matrix filling micro gaps and reduces contact resistance. Epoxyset silicone greases are also easy to apply via cartridge, syringe, or by hand and are easily re-workable. Our greases have cost advantages over other products such as pads, and pre-forms while performing and withstanding heat better than organic greases.

Non silicone thermal grease

Non-Silicone Thermal Grease

Epoxyset non-silicone thermal greases (TG-) are a series of metal-oxide-filled, silicone-free synthetic grease specially formulated to enhance heat transfer across the interface between the semiconductor case and the heatsink. Epoxyset TG series of non-silicone greases do not exhibit migration or contamination. With almost no-bleed, TG thermal greases are high-performance compounds that will not dry out, harden, melt, or run, even after long-term continuous exposure to temperatures up to 250°C.

High temperature grease

High-Temperature Thermal Greases

Epoxyset HTG series of high-temperature thermal greases are all specialty organic fluid based thermal greases that reduce dry out and hardening of the material. Products such as our HTG-72 and HTG-72TC can withstand temperatures up to 360°C, that’s more than 200°C higher than standard silicone greases. Used extensively in the aerospace and electronics industries, Epoxyset HTG products vary in viscosities to suite a wide range of applications. Standard silicone or non-silicone greases tend to dry out and outgas at temperatures above 250°C, but the HTG series of products maintain a high level of performance at elevated temperatures. Typical application areas include aerospace components, heater cartridges, thermistors, RTD, thermocouple wells, portable heaters, and tank heaters.

Conductive grease

Conductive Thermal Greases

Epoxyset conductive greases (CTP) and putties (TCP) offer much higher thermal conductivity, and the CTG series also offer electrical conductivity. The TCP putties can be used as formable or dispensable gap fillers providing high-temperature resistance and superior conductivity. The CTG series of greases offer both silicone and non-silicone offering advantages of both types. Applications include thermal interface material in LED applications, CPU to a heatsink, and for high response thermal relays.