Medical Grade Adhesives

What is Medical Grade Epoxy?

Medical devices undergo rigorous testing to determine biocompatibility. This is especially true for devices that have contact with the human body. Medical device manufacturers tend to look for materials that have gone through some sort of screening further ensuring the final device will pass all compatibility testing. ISO-10993 are a series of tests created for a variety of areas of biocompatibility. ISO-10993-5 is a basic test for polymers and adhesives which test for toxicity to cells. Another applicable medical standard is USP Class VI. This standard ensures there are no harmful reactions or long-term bodily effects caused by chemicals that leach out of plastic materials. USP Class Testing standards are determined by the United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary (USP-NF), the organization responsible for the quality and safety of medical devices and foods.   In recent years, ISO-10993 has become a preferred standard.

Epoxyset has several epoxy and light curable adhesives that have passed ISO-10993-5 and USP-Class VI testing. Below are products that have been tested for ISO-10993-5 and/or USP Class VI.

Needle bond
Product Viscosity (cPs) Work Life Service Temperature Chemistry Hardness Datasheet
EB-107LP-1 100-300 2 hrs -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-85 Download
EB-107LP-2 200-500 8 hrs -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-82 Download
EB-130M-1 500-800 40 min -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-85 Download
EB-177 200-300 12 hrs -55°C-250°C Epoxy D-92 Download
EB-153 3,000-5,000 4-6 hrs -55°C-250°C Epoxy D-87 Download
EB-135 4000-7000 30-40 min -55°C-135°C Epoxy D-86 Download
Setworx 60 20,000-30,000 60-70 min -55°C-120°C Epoxy D-78 Download
Setworx 1510 20,000-30,000 10-12 min -55°C-125°C Epoxy D-80 Download
UV-8504E 500-800 NA -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-78 Download
UV-8300LV 2,000-4,000 NA -55°C-250°C Epoxy D-78 Download
UV-8701E 5,000 – 9,000 NA -55°C-250°C Epoxy D-78 Download
UB-21 750-850 2-3 hrs -55°C-125°C Urethane A-88 Download
Setworx U47MP 12,000-15,000 40-60 min -55°C-120°C Urethane D-68 Download