Full potted partEpoxyset has a wide variety of potting and encapsulating compounds used in various industries. We offer epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone potting compounds used in a variety of electronic packaging applications. Common applications include potting transformers, capacitors, coil windings, RFI filters, and PCB components. We offer several high temperature resistant potting compounds as well as several UL 94-V0 approved products for flame retardant capabilities.

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Urethane Potting Compounds

Urethane potting and encapsulating compounds offer advantages when needing to cure at lower temperatures and/or quickly compared to epoxy systems. Urethanes offer better flexibility and crack resistance as well as better adhesion to certain substrates such as many plastics and composites. Many urethane products Epoxyset offers use renewable raw materials making it less harmful to the end user. It is ideal for electronic applications, surface mount technology, and when thermal cycling resistance is a requirement. Epoxyset urethane potting materials have low CTE rates ensuring flexibility at even extremely low temperatures.


Thermally Conductive

Epoxyset specializes in manufacturing highly engineered thermally conductive potting compounds. Our products range from room temperature cure to high temperature and vary in viscosities to suit your application. Formulated with various conductive fillers, our products are designed to offer maximum thermal conductivity while still being process friendly. Used highly in the electronics, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries, Epoxyset’s thermally conductive potting compounds will deliver a consistently high performance.

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Epoxyset’s silicone potting and encapsulating compounds are formulated for the demanding high-performance requirements of the electrical and electronic industries for such applications as the potting of electronic ballasts, capacitors, power supplies, relays and other devices with high heat dissipation requirements. Many of our silicone potting compounds are UL approved for flame retardant properties and can withstand temperatures of over 200°C.

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Epoxyset offers a wide range of one-component epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds. With many of them tested and approved for RoHS, REACH, and Halogen Free, they are fully qualified for use in the electronic assembly, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our one component epoxies are meant to encapsulate small electronic components and for encapsulation on microelectronic assembly.

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Epoxyset has several potting and encapsulating compounds designed for high-temperature resistance. Many of our products can withstand continuous temperatures of over 250°C with very little electrical leakage, cracking, and mechanical breakdown. Used highly in the electronics and automotive industries, Epoxyset offers thermally conductive, flame retardant, and low expansion potting compounds for high-temperature resistance.

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General Purpose

Epoxyset has a wide variety of general use epoxy, urethane, and silicone potting compounds that can be used for several different applications spanning several different industries. Ranging from thermally conductive to low expansion to flame retardant, Epoxyset has the potting compound for your application – or can custom tailor one to your specifications.

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Epoxyset offers a variety of flame-retardant potting and encapsulating compounds including epoxies, urethanes, and silicones. All of our flame retardant potting compounds bromine free, halogen-free, and RoHS and REACH compliant. Several have undergone stringent 3rd party testing and are listed as UL-94V0 approved.