UV Curable

UV Curable Adhesives

Epoxyset Light Cure Adhesives (UV and Visible Light Cure Adhesives) cure quickly when exposed to light of the appropriate wavelength and intensity. They are one component adhesives which are solvent free (100% solids) and are ideal for many applications in used in the assembly of electronics, medical devices, and visual graphics. Unique products include delay cured epoxy adhesives which allow and open time after exposure for bonding opaque substrates as well as UV/Heat dual cure systems which can cure via light exposure or heat (or both) allowing for use in shadow areas.

Epoxyset offers both urethane acrylate light cure adhesives which offer excellent bond strength to many substrates including hard to bond plastics such as ABS, PET, and polycarbonate. The FLASHBOND™ brand is Epoxyset’s cationic UV/LED cure epoxy adhesives which offer the benefits of traditional UV/LED cure products as well as the chemical strength and high Tg standard epoxy systems offer. Epoxy UV cure adhesives do not succumb to oxygen inhibition and will not stay tacky once fully cured.

Electronic industry
Product Chemistry Viscosity (cps) Service Temperature Wavelength Datasheet
UV-2910DC Epoxy 2800 -55°C-150°C 365, 405 Download
UV-5608DC Epoxy 5500 -55°C-175°C 365, 405 Download
UV-8701E Epoxy 5800 -55°C-200°C 365, 405 Download
UV-8300LV Epoxy 2500 -55°C-200°C 365, 405 Download
UV-6502CL Epoxy 300 -55°C-200°C 310, 365 Download
UV-3700F Epoxy 100,000 -55°C-200°C 365, 405 Download
UV-5403S Epoxy 8000 -55°C-150°C 325, 365 Download
UV-8504E Epoxy 700 -55°C-200°C 310, 365 Download
UV-3607HT Epoxy 4000 -55°C-150°C 310, 365 Download
UV-8601R Urethane Acrylate 7000 -55°C-150°C 365, 405 Download
UV-8509R Urethane Acrylate 9000 -55°C-100°C 365, 405 Download