Engineered Thermally Conductive Potting Compounds

Thermally Conductive

Epoxyset specializes in manufacturing highly engineered thermally conductive potting compounds. Our products range from room temperature cure to high temperature and vary in viscosities to suit your application. Formulated with various conductive fillers, our products are designed to offer maximum thermal conductivity while still being process friendly. Used highly in the electronics, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries, Epoxyset’s thermally conductive potting compounds will deliver a consistently high performance.

Thermally conductivre potting
Product Viscosity (cPs) Pot Life Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Service Temperature Hardness Datasheet
EC-1009 3,000-5,000 2-3 hrs 1.5 -55°C-130°C D-89 Download
EC-1015 3,000-5,000 >8 hrs 1.2 -55°C-180°C D-92 Download
EC-1015LV-RT 2,000-3,000 1-2 hrs 1.4 -55°C-130°C D-92 Download
EC-1850FT 50,000-60,000 40-60 min 1.5 -55°C-120°C D-90 Download
EC-1850FT-LV 4,000-8,000 40-60 min 1.5 -55°C-120°C D-90 Download
EC-1012M 3,000-6,000 4-5 hrs 0.9 -55°C-160°C D-91 Download
EC-1006M-4 6,000-8,000 5-6 hrs 0.8 -55°C-120°C A-85 Download
SC-550LV-TC-1 3,000-4,000 1-2 hrs 1.2 -55°C-205°C A-60 Download
SC-550LV-TC-2 20,000-30,000 1-2 hrs 2.3 -55°C-205°C A-60 Download
SC-454M-6 4,000-6,000 30-60 min 1.4 -55°C-250°C A-70 Download