A leader in engineered adhesives and potting compounds for high-tech applications.

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Epoxyset is a leading manufacturer of engineered adhesives and potting compounds used in advanced technology applications.

We supply superior quality products that are used in the electronic/micro-electronics, medical device, semiconductor, fiber optics, and automotive industries.


Engineered Adhesives

Our line of epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone adhesives are widely used in the medical, automotive, optical, electronics, and electronics packaging.


Potting & Encapsulating

We offer a comprehensive selection of electronic grade epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone potting compounds to meet the most demanding specifications.


Thermal Management

We offer a full range of materials used for thermal management including conductive adhesives, potting compounds, gap fillers, and thermal greases.

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Custom Formulations

In addition to our extensive product line, we offer custom formulations to meet your specific materials requirements and application needs.


The electronics manufacturing industry is diverse and has continually demanding applications each with its own set of adhesive requirements. Electronics design engineers are faced with this same challenge as sourcing and costing adhesives becomes a larger part of their job. Epoxyset offers a range of adhesives for electronic applications that has been carefully selected to offer the user maximum performance in a number of ways. From component assembly, to PCB applications, to sensors, and larger power modules Epoxyset has adhesives and potting compounds for all these applications. Epoxyset’s electronic adhesives and potting compounds are offered in a variety of properties and packaging options to meet customer needs. All of our electronic grade adhesives and materials are RoHS and REACH compliant and many are halogen free.

Medical Devices

Medical device adhesive applications have a few more challenges than standard applications. Applications vary however it is crucial that component of medical devices are high in quality and consistency as well as being proven to perform. Epoxyset has been serving the medical device industry for over 20 years combining knowledge of materials and applications. Some medical device applications require adhesives formulated to pass biocompatibility testing such as USP Class VI or ISO 10993. We offer a full range of products that are USP Class VI certified or ISO 10993 approved. We offer products for use in several types of applications including acoustic imaging, bonding needles to hubs, encapsulating magnets in MRI machines and much more.

Thermal Management

Epoxyset thermal management materials are trusted by global manufacturers of electronic parts used in the automotive, industrial, consumer and telecom industries. Epoxyset thermal management solutions provide reliability-enhancing, heat-dissipating products. Our products include a variety of thermal greases, liquid gap fillers, thermal putties, and conductive adhesives and potting compounds.


Optical and fiber optic applications require very specific types of adhesives including low viscosity, low shrinkage, high bond strength, and low outgassing. Epoxyset optical adhesives include two-part epoxy adhesives and UV cure epoxy and urethane acrylates. Applications include haptic sealing in batteries and sensitive electronics, alignments in prisms, lenses, and mirrors, and fiber optic connections (PM fibers, polymer fibers, multi-mode fibers). Epoxyset offers special products for use in optical alignment applications for specialty lenses for cameras and touch screen devices.

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Epoxyset is proud to announce the nomination of its new UV/Heat cure epoxy, FLASHBOND UV-3607HT for Product of the Year at the Assembly Show 2021 in Rosemont, IL. This is second year (2019) Epoxyset has been nominated for this award. You can read the details from Assembly Show website here. Visit us at Booth 1811 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on Oct. 25-28 to learn…