Flip Chip Die Attach

Flip chip die attach is a technique used in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry for connecting semiconductor chips (known as dies) directly to substrates or carrier packages. In this method, the chip is flipped over and attached facedown onto the substrate or carrier using a conductive adhesive material. This is in contrast to the traditional wire bonding method, where the connections are made by bonding wires from the chip to…
Paven Patel
October 30, 2023

Dam and Fill Encapsulation

"Dam and fill" is a technique used in electronics manufacturing and semiconductor packaging to address the challenges of encapsulating delicate components with epoxy resin or other encapsulant materials. In certain electronic devices, there might be components that are placed relatively close to each other on a circuit board or within a semiconductor package. These components can generate heat during operation, and the thermal expansion and contraction rates of different materials…
Paven Patel
August 23, 2023
ElectronicsEpoxy AdhesiveUV/LED

FLASHBOND™ UV-5608DC Light Activated, Delay Cure Epoxy Adhesive

Delay Cure Epoxy Adhesive Epoxyset introduces a ground-breaking, light cure chemistry that allows fast processing and fixturing of parts even if both parts are opaque. This is known as a delay cure epoxy adhesive.  UV-5608DC is one of a series of epoxy adhesives that can be activated by 405nm light with an intensity of about 150mW/cm2 for 5-10 seconds.  Parts are mated together and aligned within 45-60 seconds of activation.…
August 19, 2019