Active Alignment Adhesive: FLASHBOND UV-3720

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Epoxyset, a leading manufacturer of epoxy adhesives, introduces its FLASHBOND UV-3720, a light and/or heat-curable cationic epoxy specifically designed for active alignment applications. These include camera modules, optical components, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and other ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) assemblies used in automotive applications.

During the optical assembly process of many components need to be positioned exactly and efficiently. Types of assemblies include lenses in cameras, CCD chips, camera modules in smart phones and tablets, and other complex optical devices. Active alignment is the industry leading process and the primary solution for making these technologies feasible on a large scale where the devices need to be aligned with incredibly high accuracy and precision. UV-3720 has very low volumetric shrinkage, high Tg, and low coefficient thermal expansion (CTE). These properties are essential in active alignment applications.

The versatility of this active alignment adhesive to cure very fast with broad spectrum light, either UV or LED, or with moderate to high temperatures (80-130°C) allows for all types of manufacturing methods. UV-3720 has a very low CTE preventing movement of the lens or camera module and also passes 85°C/85% RH resistance for over 1000 hours. UV-3720 also has low ionic content and is halogen free as defined by IEC 61249-2-21.

Typical camera module applications include bonding the lens barrel to holder, lens bonding, and bonding the holder to printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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