Advantages of UV Cure Epoxy

Cationic epoxy, more commonly UV cure epoxy, refers to a type of epoxy resin system that cures through a cationic (positively charged) polymerization mechanism. Epoxy resins are polymers widely used in various industrial applications, including adhesives, coatings, and composites, due to their excellent adhesive properties, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. In a cationic epoxy system, the curing process involves the reaction of epoxy groups (usually present in the resin) with…
Paven Patel
March 27, 2024

Active Alignment Adhesive: FLASHBOND UV-3720

Epoxyset, a leading manufacturer of epoxy adhesives, introduces its FLASHBOND UV-3720, a light and/or heat-curable cationic epoxy specifically designed for active alignment applications. These include camera modules, optical components, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and other ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) assemblies used in automotive applications. During the optical assembly process of many components need to be positioned exactly and efficiently. Types of assemblies include lenses in cameras, CCD chips,…
Paven Patel
February 21, 2024
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Epoxyset is proud to announce the nomination of its new UV/Heat cure epoxy, FLASHBOND UV-3607HT for Product of the Year at the Assembly Show 2021 in Rosemont, IL. This is second year (2019) Epoxyset has been nominated for this award. You can read the details from Assembly Show website here. Visit us at Booth 1811 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on Oct. 25-28 to learn…
Paven Patel
October 14, 2021
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FLASHBOND™ UV-5608DC Light Activated, Delay Cure Epoxy Adhesive

Delay Cure Epoxy Adhesive Epoxyset introduces a ground-breaking, light cure chemistry that allows fast processing and fixturing of parts even if both parts are opaque. This is known as a delay cure epoxy adhesive.  UV-5608DC is one of a series of epoxy adhesives that can be activated by 405nm light with an intensity of about 150mW/cm2 for 5-10 seconds.  Parts are mated together and aligned within 45-60 seconds of activation.…
August 19, 2019