Epoxyset is proud to announce the nomination of its new UV/Heat cure epoxy, FLASHBOND UV-3607HT for Product of the Year at the Assembly Show 2021 in Rosemont, IL. This is second year (2019) Epoxyset has been nominated for this award. You can read the details from Assembly Show website here. Visit us at Booth 1811 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on Oct. 25-28 to learn more.

Uv 3607ht 1

Flashbond UV-3607HT epoxy cures with UV energy, heat or both, but does not have to be activated with UV light to cure, making it distinctive from other dual-cure epoxies. The one-part epoxy cures in less than 10 seconds with 365nm LED light, or within 30 minutes at 125 C. It can be used as an adhesive, sealant or coating in applications that either require a fast tack or have shadowed areas. These include doming, fiber optic terminations, electronic packaging, sensor sealing and optical alignment. The epoxy has a low cure shrinkage, can be cured in any thickness up to 2 millimeters and produces strong bonds to glass, ceramic, metal and most engineered plastics. Once fully cured, it has a glass transition temperature of 125 C. It has excellent electrical insulative properties and can withstand temperatures from -55 to 200 C.

UV-3607HT differs from traditional dual cure epoxy systems. Traditional dual cure epoxy adhesives require exposure to UV/LED light followed by heat. UV-3607HT will cure in full by exposure of UV/LED light or heat (both are not required). This allows for use in shadowed areas where the epoxy is not exposed to light but can be cured using heat. This product has excellent chemical resistance and lower shrinkage compared to urethane acrylate systems. UV-3607HT is stable for up to six months when refrigerated.

The FLASHBOND product line is a series of light curable epoxy adhesives, sealants and encapsulating products. With a variety of physical properties and curing capabilities, Flashbond products are sure to have a product for your application.

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