Delay Cure Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxyset introduces a ground-breaking, light cure chemistry that allows fast processing and fixturing of parts even if both parts are opaque. This is known as a delay cure epoxy adhesive.  UV-5608DC is one of a series of epoxy adhesives that can be activated by 405nm light with an intensity of about 150mW/cm2 for 5-10 seconds.  Parts are mated together and aligned within 45-60 seconds of activation. The adhesive will yield green strength after 30 minutes for handling. Full cure will occur over the next 16 hours at room temperature. If desired, cure can also be accomplished with UV energy or higher intensity blue light for a full cure in under 10 seconds. Variations with alternative dwell and cure times and/or viscosities are available.

As there is no mixing required, this technology reduces processing time and errors. Delay cure epoxy UV-5608DC will bond to metals, ceramic, glass, ABS, Polycarbonate, Ultem and other engineered plastics.  This medium viscosity epoxy produces a high strength bond with low cure shrinkage and a glass transition temperature of over 80 °C.  This particular delay cure epoxy can withstand temperature cycling from of -40 °C to 120 °C.  The cured product exhibits excellent thermal, water and chemical resistance. UV-5608DC is an epoxy cationic adhesive which has several advantages over traditional acrylic adhesives such as higher Tg, reduced water absorption, no foul odors, and no oxygen inhibition. 

This innovative delay cure epoxy adhesive can be used in any industry. Typical applications include bonding of optical components, optical alignment, fibers, lenses, prisms and other electronic components where low shrinkage and low outgassing are required. It is ideal for ferrite core bonding, magnetics and general assembly.

Epoxyset is an innovative custom formulator of Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones and Thermal Greases for the electronic, medical, semi-conductor, optics, and automotive industries.  Our extensive experience allows us to quickly modify our extensive product line for any requirement.  Please contact our technical support staff at 401-726-4500

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