Epoxyset’s dispensable liquid gap fillers round out its line of thermal management compounds designed for ease of use and high performance. Highlight by easy 1:1 mix ratios and excellent rheological properties, our thermally conductive liquid gap filler products are ideal for use in high volume applications such as filling air gaps in automatic electronic control units (ECU). Other applications include LED bonding, PCBA to housing, discrete component to heat spreader, computer and peripherals and other automotive electronics.

Why a liquid gap filler and not thermal gap pad?

Liquid gap fillers, while have processing time, tend to be much cheaper up front than gap pads. The cost associated of producing gap pads result in a very expensive end product. Also, liquid gap fillers are more versatile as it can be used for a wider range of applications and cover more area than gap pads. An added advantage to most gap pads is uniform gap thickness. However, this can easily be achieved in liquid gap filler by using spacer beads. Many times manufacturers will incorporate spacer beads upon request.

What does Epoxyset have to offer?

Our most popular thermally conductive liquid gap filler is TGF-331. It has a good working time of 30 minutes and cures to form a very low durometer polymer which resulting in virtually no stress added components. TGF-331 can also cure very quickly at elevated temperatures and has an operating temperature up to 205°C. TGF-331 has a thermal conductivity of 3.6 W/mK. While highly thixotropic, its low viscosity allows for a good balance of flow and slump resistance.

Click here to review the data sheet for TGF-331.

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While TGF-331 is available in 5-gal pails for high volume use, it is also available in 50ml dual cartridges making it easy for small volume use. Can’t get Bergquist Gap fillers because of extremely long lead times (18-20)? Contact Epoxyset for quick turnaround time and high level performance.