Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Thermal Adhesive Epoxy: A Guide to Effective Application and Use

There are a number of ways to bond different materials or substrates, with epoxy being a popular option due to its durability under harsh conditions. Thermal adhesive epoxy is an umbrella term for any industrial resin-based adhesive consisting of thermosetting polymers that cure or harden via a chemical reaction at room temperature or with heat.¬† When properly applied, thermal epoxy adhesives create ultra-high strength bonds capable of withstanding fluctuating temperatures,…
Paven Patel
February 7, 2024
Thermal Management

TGF-331 -Thermally Conductive Liquid Gap Filler

Epoxyset's dispensable liquid gap fillers round out its line of thermal management compounds designed for ease of use and high performance. Highlight by easy 1:1 mix ratios and excellent rheological properties, our thermally conductive liquid gap filler products are ideal for use in high volume applications such as filling air gaps in automatic electronic control units (ECU). Other applications include¬†LED bonding, PCBA to housing, discrete component to heat spreader, computer…
June 14, 2019