potting and encapsulating

potting and encapsulating

Coil Impregnation Epoxy

A common application for epoxy potting and encapsulating materials is coil impregnation in electrical transformer manufacturing. Transformer coils are encapsulated for a variety of reasons including: Increase dielectric strength Improve the structural integrity of the coils Reduce or eliminate winding noise Improve heat transfer Reduce partial discharge Provide increased environmental protection Why use epoxy when needing to encapsulate coil windings in transformers? Epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds offer the best…
Paven Patel
October 5, 2020
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Epoxy Potting Compounds for Motors and Stators

Epoxyset has a wide line of epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds for motors and stators.¬†Currently, our epoxy potting compounds are being used by motor manufacturers worldwide to encapsulate thousands of stators every day. Our suite of products vary in physical and handling properties that allow manufacturers to choose the right system for the application but all our systems are formulated for robust performance and have the following properties. Our epoxy…
May 15, 2019