Epoxyset has a wide line of epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds for motors and stators. Currently, our epoxy potting compounds are being used by motor manufacturers worldwide to encapsulate thousands of stators every day. Our suite of products vary in physical and handling properties that allow manufacturers to choose the right system for the application but all our systems are formulated for robust performance and have the following properties.

  • Our epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds for motors and stators are low viscosity allowing systems to penetrate and release air from even the tightest coil and slot windings, enabling our customers to eliminate varnishing and VPI practices from their process.

  • Many of our epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds have excellent thermal conductivity allowing for heat dissipation away from motors and coil windings.

  • Our epoxy potting systems have been specially formulated to withstand temperature ranges from -60°C up to 180°C (UL 1446, class H rating).

Below are Epoxyset’s most widely used and recommended epoxy systems for stator potting: