Epoxyset is pleased to announce that its EPOXICAST EC-1850FT with EH-9 curing agent has recently passed NASA Outgassing tests. Outgassing is the measure of the level of residual low molecular weight species (including water if the material is not conditioned in a low moisture environment prior to testing) that can be evolved at high temperatures. NASA outgassing has a specific set of standards to meet demanding applications.

Many unique applications usually have severe conditions (extreme temperatures, high to low pressure, chemical exposure). Some applications also are very sensitive to even small amounts of outgassing. An example are navigational instruments on automotive equipment or anything with GPS where outgassing can affect the performance of the instrument. If parts on the instrument or nearby equipment release outgassed material and condense onto the precision instrument performance can be dramatically altered.

Many optical applications where outgassing can cause fogging on highly sensitive parts is also prone to need low outgassing materials. Visit NASA outgassing website at https://outgassing.nasa.gov/ for more information on materials

EPOXICAST EC-1850FT/EH-9 is a highly filled, thermally conductive potting compound. When mixed, it creates a flowable, self-leveling liquid that can cure at room temperature or accelerated at elevated temperatures. EC-1850FT is used in a variety of applications including coil impregnation, motor stator potting and wherever thermal conductivity is needed.

Below are results of NASA Outgassing test for EC-1850FT/EH-9 when cured at 65°C for 3 hours.

Total Mass Loss (TML): 0.20% 

Collected Volatile Condensable Materials: <0.01%

Water Vapor Recovered (WVR) – 0.07%