Boron Nitride filler for thermal conductivity

Eb 430 1


While there are several different available conductive fillers, boron nitride is used commonly used as high performance conductive filler. Boron nitride filled epoxy adhesive can ideal for applications needing high thermal resistance and insulation to prevent electrical shorts.

EB-430-1 is a boron nitride filled, high temperature epoxy adhesive. With a relatively filler content and flowable rheology, EB-430-1 has a thermal conductivity of over 1.0 W/mK and very low thermal impedance of 0.05°C in2/W (2 mil). EB-430-1 delivers higher conductivity than standard metal filled systems with the same loaded amount and is also more insulating. EB-430-1 is used as a die attach for heat sinks, LED, and thermal sensors.

Product Specifications

No.of Components 2
Mix Ratio by Weight 100/4
Mixed Viscosity @RT(cps) 60,000-80,000
Pot Life @25°C(100 gram) 24 hrs
Recommended Cure 4 hrs @100°C
Alternate Cure 10 min @ 150°C
Color White/Amber
Specific Gravity 1.45
Hardness(Shore) D-82
Refractive Index NA
Lap Shear Strength @25°C(psi) 2000
Tg(°C) 122
CTE(Below Tg)10-6/°C 29
Service Temp.Range -55°C to 200°C
Thermal Conductivity(W/m°K) 1.0
Volume Resistivity(500 V) 6x1015

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