One Component silver filled epoxy adhesive


EO-97M is a one component, silver filled epoxy adhesive that has a wide range of cure profiles. Needing a recommended minimum temperature of 80°C, it would take several hours to cure but may help prevent damage to sensitive components. It is also possible to “snap cure” EO-97M. What is snap cure? Snap cure is simply to cure the adhesive very quickly at very high temperatures. This generally leads to higher shrinkage than lower temperatures but this can be advantageous for electrical and thermal conductivity by increasing contact of conductive fillers. Snap cure is also beneficial in operation for efficiency and high output.

EO-97M is used to bond metals, ceramics, rubbers, and certain plastics used in electronic parts. Typical applications include bonding surface mount devices to flexible or rigid substrates, bonding of semiconductor elements; joining EMI and Rf parts; bonding electrodes, lead wires, and other connectors. EO-97M is used on electronic lead wires in military Doppler radars.

Product Specifications

No.of Components 1
Mix Ratio by Weight NA
Mixed Viscosity @RT(cps) 9,000-12,000
Pot Life @25°C(100 gram) 1 month
Recommended Cure 1-2 min @ 175°C
Alternate Cure 5 min @ 150°C
Color Silver
Specific Gravity 3.20
Hardness(Shore) D-89
Refractive Index NA
Lap Shear Strength @25°C(psi) 1300
Tg(°C) 82
CTE(Below Tg)10-6/°C 56
Service Temp.Range -55°C to 200°C
Thermal Conductivity(W/m°K) 2.0
Volume Resistivity(500 V) 0.0002

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