Silicone Thermal Compound


STG-53A is silicone-based thermal grease used to insure quick efficient heat transfer and dissipation. This material will not dry, harden or melt in normal industrial use and provides long-term material stability. It can be used for mounting semiconductor devices, power transistors, and diodes; coupling heat generating assemblies to chassis; heat transfer medium on ballast; thermal joints; and many electronics, automotive and electrical applications.

Product Specifications

No.of Components 1
Mix Ratio by Weight
Mixed Viscosity @RT(cps) Thixotropic Paste
Pot Life @25°C(100 gram)
Recommended Cure
Alternate Cure
Color White
Specific Gravity 2.2
Refractive Index
Lap Shear Strength @25°C(psi)
CTE(Below Tg)10-6/°C
Service Temp.Range -65°C -200°C
Thermal Conductivity(W/m°K) 0.8
Volume Resistivity(500 V) 1.9 x 10^14

Recommended Applications

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