Epoxyset saves you time and money with Premixed & Frozen Adhesives

Epoxyset supplies a complete line of premixed and frozen adhesives, sealants, and potting compounds using a specialized proprietary process that delivers quality results. Epoxyset can take nearly any one of its product and supply it as a premixed and frozen system. The process consists of mixing the reactive compounds, degassing to eliminate entrapped air, package into pre-portioned syringes, and freezing to suspend the reaction. All of the desirable properties of the compound are maintained using this process. All of our products strictly tested by our quality control laboratory to assure the products meets specifications.

Epoxyset premixed and frozen products assure quality, save time and money, reduce waste, and increase productivity. Our frozen adhesives allow our customers to focus on its manufacturing efforts and spend valuable time processing adhesives which can be messy and difficult. Frozen adhesives stay frozen during shipment using dry ice and specially insulated boxes and must be stored in -40ÂșC freezers.

Delivering a Quality Product

The use of Epoxyset frozen adhesives guarantees the product is weighed and mixed properly so you don’t have to. Our fully equipped Quality Control lab tests for important factors including work life, bond strength, viscosity, density, and hardness. We can even test to our customer’s specifications if desired.

Epoxyset frozen adhesives are tightly controlled using batch manufacturing which allows important aspects of the system to be tightly controlled. We limit our systems to a maximum of 100 pieces per lot and even down to 10 per lot on certain products to ensure quality. We offer our premixed and frozen adhesives in a variety of sizes from 1mL graduated syringes up to 55mL syringes. We also package products in 6oz, 10oz, 12oz, and even 32oz cartridges on specialty products.

How to save money using Epoxyset premixed and frozen systems

First and foremost, Epoxyset premixed and frozen systems REDUCE WASTE!. Our precise mixing and packaging allows our customers to simply remove syringes from the freezer, let them thaw, and use immediately. There is no more time wasted on mixing a large batch only to use a portion of it and rest must be discarded. Trying to get every drop out of a bucket or bottle is next to impossible when weighing and mixing yourself. Dispensing a syringe of adhesives guarantees much less waste and more material can be used in the production line.

Reduced Rejects
All Epoxyset frozen adhesives are tested for complete quality assurance. Many parts from component manufacturers that end up being rejected due to adhesive or encapsulant failure are due to improper usage of the material. Epoxyset premixed and frozen adhesives eliminates a large portion of that risk.

Short Lead times
Epoxyset has very short lead times compared to its competitors. Our standard lead time for premixed and frozen adhesives is less than 7 days and all products are shipped Priority for the shortest transit time. Our experience in processing, packaging, and logistics both domestically and internationally allows Epoxyset to decrease lead time.

Epoxyset frozen adhesives are meeting the demanding needs of the medical device, electronics, and other industries. Almost all Epoxyset products are available in premixed and frozen packaging including epoxies, silicones, and polyurethanes. In addition to our own products Epoxyset also offers the packaging service using other common products in these industries. We offer premixed and frozen adhesive systems of products manufactured by Henkel Loctite, Huntsman, LORD Corporation etc.


Epoxyset chemists and engineers specialize in all the uses of engineered adhesives including bonding, sealing, coating, and encapsulating. Our technical knowledge of not only our products but also the applications they are best suited for. We are commonly asked for solutions to novel, demanding applications and we take pride in accepting these challenges. Many companies who offer premixed and frozen services are not manufacturers or do not have the technical experience to offer anything beyond the service. Also, many companies that offer premixed and frozen packaging do not do it themselves and are not comfortable with the operations. See our video on premixed and frozen adhesives for more information

Contact Epoxyset for product and application assistance and find out whether premixed and frozen adhesives are the right fit for your application. Epoxyset also supplies products in standard 2-part containers as well as side by side cartridges and bi-packs.