Epoxyset Custom Formulations Solve Demanding Application and Processing Needs

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Epoxyset offers a wide range of engineered adhesives and potting compounds. We have worked tirelessly to put forward a standard product line that is varied in physical and cured properties. Since 1997, Epoxyset has provided the electronics, micro-electronics, medical, automotive, medical, and optical industries since 1997 and continues to do so with an ever expanding product line. Sometimes, however, an application arises that calls for a customized or modified product to meet demanding process or operating needs.

The strength of Epoxyset is custom formulation of adhesives and potting compounds to meet the needs of demanding applications and processes. Epoxyset provides custom formulating services to our customers.  Epoxyset leverages over 30+ years of specialty formulating expertise for your unique application to ensure that we meet your specific formulation requirements. We offer custom formulation in epoxy, urethane, and silicone chemistries used as adhesives, potting compounds, coatings, and sealants.

Epoxyset works closely with customers to ensure that your specific formulation satisfies your requirements. The first step is to gather details of the application and desired performance properties of the polymer. Once gathering all the relevant information, we analyze all the data for feasibility of the project. Before accepting any project, we must make sure that the desired product is possible (or at least we believe it to be possible) to formulate.

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