Epoxyset considers all areas of business including cost, logistics, and sustainability

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Our approach to custom formulating incorporates all facets of business with a focus on performance, cost, sustainability and logistics. First and foremost, our goal is formulate a product that performs for your particular application and process. However, other important factors must be taken into account. Cost is a huge factor in how we formulate products. A product that works for an application but is not cost effective can be a difficult problem to overcome. Can we use raw materials that are economical? With performance in mind, we try to deliver a performance driven product at the lowest possible cost to us and the customer.

Epoxyset stays up to date on the updates of REACH and RoHS while also keeping close eye on “watch lists” of certain industries and companies. Keeping these in mind, we try to formulate using long term and sustainable raw materials that are not in danger of regulation or banishment. One such example is phthalates in the medical industries. In recent years, several industries have begun regulating products with phthalates in the system. For new products in these markets, Epoxyset does not and will not formulate using phthalates.

Logistics plays an important role in undertaking a custom formulated product. If and when our product is scaled up for production it needs to get to the customer. There are various regulations on chemicals by the DOT and IATA as well as separate regulations country by country. It is important to know the logistics behind each product and whether it is feasible to manufacture, package, and ship a product to a particular part of the world and how much it will cost.

Epoxyset has a grown into a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty adhesives and potting compounds because of our custom formulating ability. Many of customers use custom formulated products in addition to our standard product line to fulfill all their adhesive needs. Custom formulation is still a large part of Epoxyset’s future and will continue to provide quality service and expertise for your next project.

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