EB-331T: High-Strength, Environment-Resistant Epoxy Adhesive by Epoxyset

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EPOXIBOND EB-331T is a two component, room temperature curing, thixotropic paste adhesive of high strength with good environmental and excellent chemical resistance. After 3-4 hours, EB-331T reaches handling strength and can be moved for processing purposes. Used for bonding of metals, electronic components, GRP structures and many other items where a higher than normal temperature or more aggressive environment is to be encountered in service. The low out gassing makes this product suitable for specialist electronic telecommunication applications. EB-331T, a high strength epoxy adhesive, exhibits a tensile lap shear strength of over 2800 psi at room temperature. EB-331T is an great alternative to ARALDITE® 2014 epoxy adhesive

With a non-critical 2:1 mix ratio, EB-331T is available in cartridges incorporating mixers and can be applied as ready to use adhesive with the aid of the tool recommended by Epoxyset Inc.

Key properties

-Black paste
-High temperature and chemical resistance
-Low shrinkage
-Very resistant to water and a variety of chemicals
-Gap filling, non sagging up to 5mm thickness

High temperature adhesive









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