Revolutionary UV-Cure Adhesives: Quick and Efficient Bonding Solutions for Multiple Substrates

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UV-Cure (Light Cure) adhesives are generally single component polymers systems specifically designed to cure when exposed to certain wavelengths of light. This technology has developed over time to include UV, UV-Vis, and LED light curing adhesives. The most common chemistries utilized in light curing adhesives are acrylics and epoxies. Just like standard adhesives, light cure adhesives have a wide range of physical and cured properties.


  • Single-component light-curing adhesive
  • Curing with visible, UV, and/or LED light
  • Bonding of different materials such as glass, ceramics, metals, and plastics
  • Suitable for bonding with high requirements to the finished product’s aesthetics
  • Wide range of elasticity



An epoxy-based, cationic-curable adhesive and/or sealant. This product is activated by exposure to medium intensity UV radiation resulting in a high strength, chemical resistant, low outgassing polymer system capable of surviving exposure up to 200°C. It is RoHS and REACH compliant, has excellent chemical resistance and cures very quickly when exposed to UV light. It has an optimum wavelength of 310nm. It bonds to several substrates including most metals, ceramics, and glass. UV-8504E has a very low viscosity making it excellent choice for thin bond line applications and small encapsulating. It can also be used as a sealant and coating. Epoxyset provides UV-8504E in 3mL, 10mL, and 30mL syringes as well as 1L and 1-Gal bulk containers.



TW-406201 is a thixotropic, UV cure adhesive and sealant. It is a high viscosity, non-sag epoxy with excellent bond strength and temperature resistance. TW-046201 bonds well to most metals, ceramics, and glass as well as for PCB assembly applications. This UV-cure adhesives is also used for edge bonding on printed circuit boards. TW-046201 cures within 30 seconds at 365nm with high intensity light. It can also be cured using lower intensity light with longer cure times.



A urethane-acrylate UV cure adhesive, 8509R is designed for rapid bonding to a variety of plastics. When cured properly, the material will cure very quickly creating an excellent bond to not only plastics but also metals, ceramics and glass. UV-8509R is a low viscosity, thixotropic material making it very easily to apply and spread but will not run or sag. When cured with spot lamps, focused beam lamps, or flood lamps, it delivers optimum speed and performance for plastic assembly.  8509R cures within seconds at 365nm with a minimum intensity of 200 mW/cm2.



A urethane acrylate UV cure adhesive, TW-041001 is a unique product that is a red, thixotropic liquid when uncured and turns clear when fully cured. Used as a cure indicator the color change is an excellent way to gauge cure. This UV cure adhesive cures within seconds between 300-400nm. It is designed to bond to engineered plastics such as Ultem, Lexan, ABS, and PVS in addition to most metals and glass.

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