Thermally Conductive Epoxy

Eb 486 1 scaled


There is a difference between viscosity and thixotropy. For liquids viscosity corresponds to the informal notion of “thickness”.Certain gels or fluids that are thick (viscous) under static conditions will flow (become thin, less viscous) over time when shaken, agitated, or otherwise stressed. A thixotropic fluid is a fluid which takes a finite time to attain equilibrium viscosity when introduced to a step change in shear rate. Many times, high viscosity materials are also very thixotropic but it is possible to have thixotropic materials still be low in viscosity. It is also possible to have very high viscosity materials but have no thixotropic properties.

EB-486 is a high viscosity, thermal adhesive. A very good and economical product, it is a very convenient and easy to use product. EB-486 is excellent for drawing heat away from electronic components. EB-486 is a room temperature cure adhesive and can be used in temperatures up to 120°C. In LED applications, EB-486 is used as an environmental seal and thermal management on the LED. In aerospace applications, EB-486 is used as a sealant for gyroscopes in guidance systems.

Product Specifications

No.of Components 2
Mix Ratio by Weight 100/100
Mixed Viscosity @RT(cps) 80,000 -120,000
Pot Life @25°C(100 gram) 90-120 min
Recommended Cure 8 hr @ 25°C + 2 hr @ 100°C
Alternate Cure 24-48 hrs @ 25°C
Color Grey
Specific Gravity 1.7
Hardness(Shore) D-86
Refractive Index
Lap Shear Strength @25°C(psi) 3500
Tg(°C) 80
CTE(Below Tg)10-6/°C 60
Service Temp.Range -55°C to 150°C
Thermal Conductivity(W/m°K) 1.1
Volume Resistivity(500 V) 1.0 x 10^14

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