Eo 30fst


A fast curing, 1:1, conductive epoxy, EO-30FST is the answer to quick fix and repairs for electrical connections. It is used to make conductive bonds between heat sensitive connections and make solder repairs. In small masses (10-15 grams), EO-30FST sets up in less than 20 minutes. Used extensively in solderless surface mount connections, EO-30FST can be used at temperatures up to 100°C. This product bonds aggressively to a wide range of materials, cures in 8 hours at room temperature, or more quickly when heat is applied to bond and the cured material typically has resistivity as low as 0.001 ohm-cm. Used a lot in aerospace guidance systems for field repair connections and solder repairs due to its fast set up and cure without heat.

Product Specifications

No.of Components 2
Mix Ratio by Weight 100/100
Mixed Viscosity @RT(cps) Paste
Pot Life @25°C(100 gram) 8-12 min (20 grams)
Recommended Cure 24 hrs @ 25°C
Alternate Cure 15-30 min @ 65°C
Color Silver
Specific Gravity 2.40
Hardness(Shore) D-70
Refractive Index NA
Lap Shear Strength @25°C(psi) 1400
Tg(°C) 45
CTE(Below Tg)10-6/°C 72
Service Temp.Range -55°C to 150°C
Thermal Conductivity(W/m°K) 1.5
Volume Resistivity(500 V) 0.002

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