Medical Adhesives

What is Medical Grade Epoxy?

Medical grade epoxy is used in a variety of applications and medical device assembly. Many of our medical adhesives are tested for biocompatibility to ensure safety for human contact. Medical devices that use medical epoxies include MRI machines, cardiac catheters, medical probes, and ultrasounds. Adhesives are universally used for bonding cannulae to hubs in needle assemblies. It is critical that this joint is well sealed to prevent fluids, such as blood or medicine, from leaking. For these applications, one-part heat cure epoxy adhesives are the lowest cost options with the best chemical resistance. Other types of adhesives include light cure acrylates and cyanoacrylates.

Many of Epoxyset medical epoxy systems are USP Class VI certified for biocompatibility.

Product Viscosity (cPs) Work Life Service Temperature Chemistry Hardness Datasheet
EB-107LP-1 100-300 2 hrs -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-85 Download
EB-107LP-2 200-500 8 hrs -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-82 Download
EB-130M-1 500-800 40 min -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-85 Download
EB-177 200-300 12 hrs -55°C-250°C Epoxy D-92 Download
EB-119SP 3,000-5,000 4-6 hrs -55°C-250°C Epoxy D-87 Download
EB-135 4000-7000 30-40 min -55°C-135°C Epoxy D-86 Download
Setworx 60 20,000-30,000 60-70 min -55°C-120°C Epoxy D-78 Download
Setworx 1510 20,000-30,000 10-12 min -55°C-125°C Epoxy D-80 Download
UV-8504E 500-800 NA -55°C-200°C Epoxy D-78 Download
UV-8315 200-300 NA -50°C-130°C urethane acrylate D-70 Download
UV-8509R 8,000 – 12,000 NA -55°C-100°C urethane acrylate A-50 Download
UB-21 750-850 2-3 hrs -55°C-125°C urethane A-88 Download
Setworx U47MP 12,000-15,000 40-60 min -55°C-120°C urethane D-68 Download